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Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
by the pope's reasoning that he did not have the energy. >> the last time i saw him, i was not concerned at all. >> talk has already turned to his possible successor. >> there is the definite possibility we will have a pope from a different part of the world. >> even oddsmakers are on board, making a short list of favorites, cardinals from canada ghana, and nigeria. >> it is possible that the pope can come from one of the southern hemisphere countries where the churches so vibrant and alive. >> we need to have a pope the recognizes there are things going on in the world now. is not just in rome. >> with catholic churches bull of speculation with feelings of sadness, hope, and the speculation, and above all history, for this moment that has not occurred in centuries. it will start like a traditional retirement. the pope will take a vacation. then he will live in a small cluster in the vatican or he will spend the rest of his days in devotion to the church. abc7. >> the president says that he and first lady michelle obama have warm memories of their 2009 visit with the pope. mr. obama said
Feb 14, 2013 6:00pm EST
was optimistic. this will be an ongoing thing through the summer. >> if the attitude and energy are any indication, this team will be world champs. everyone excited and seemingly on the same page. the all-star says he is ready to start the regular season right now. we have the latest. >> sitting in the center of a packed room, brice harper look like a seasoned veteran. >> i am still kind of young. we [inaudible] he did not hold back when asked about his goals. >> i have my goals in my head. >> harper will most likely hit in the two spot again. >> davey johnson joked. >> he tells one thing to you and he tells another one to me. >> he came weighing 230 pounds. heharper told us he loses weight through this season. he needs to bulk up when he is ready. >> as long as he does not get big headed. they're saying world series or bust. time to span the globe. we're always trying to bring you the constant variety of sports. the best play has to be chris paul with the sky high alley oop. and 11 birdies here. here it comes finding the hole. a 63 at the australian open. the caps are in tampa to play
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2